The DOCTERunipoint series combines traditional optical know-how and expertise with modern electronics, thus creating riflescopes with extended fields of application.

Like all DOCTER optical systems, these riflescopes convince with their uncompromising colour fidelity, high contrast, enormous marginal sharpness and precise mechanical engineering.

The core of this riflescope is formed by the intelligent illumination unit tip control. It facilitates the mapping of a daylight illuminated reticule on the second image plane.Thus, the light dot always remains constant when the magnification is changed and is not enlarged at the same time.

The reticule is formed by a red dot. This dot is designed such that it is very quick to detect for the marksman so that a reliable reticule is guaranteed.

  • Light dot control by means of tip switches
  • Automatic shut-off after 3 hours
  • Dual memory function