Roof Prism Binoculars

Roof Prism Binoculars

Roof prisms — also called straight view binoculars, permit a slender design. Due to the prism alignment, eyepiece and lens are arranged in one line (straight view).


DOCTER® binoculars are equipped with different focussing versions.
The range comprises models with central focussing (CF) or individual
focussing (IF).

ED Lenses

The use of ED lenses guarantees a true to original color reproduction
and an increased sense of contrast. The picture seems clearer, more
focussed and spatial. ED is the abbreviation for "Extra Low Dispersion
Glass". Special lenses reduce the color fringes, thus guaranteeing a
high degree of detail perceptibility.

Suitability for Spectacle Wearers

DOCTER® binoculars have a large eye relief distance, which makes
them particularly suitable for spectacle wearers. The entire field of
view is available to spectacle wearers. The individual binocular-eyedistances can be adjusted, either by turning over the rubber eye
cups or by twisting the "twist up" eyepieces in three latching steps.