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The peculiar features of these professional binoculars are obvious. The enormous lens openings offer the discerning observer a perfect image even under adverse lighting conditions. An excellent image brilliance is among others guaranteed by the DOCTERmultitop multi-coating, the achromatic lenses and an exit pupil of 7.25 mm.

  • Well-balanced handling
  • Plastic housing
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Best close-up range setting

The DOCTER8x58 does not only convince by its brilliant and high-contrast optical system, but also by the housing made of pressure-water tight plastic and the non-slip plastic sheathing that meet the most stringent demands of any hunter.

The control elements such as central focussing and dioptre setting are mounted in ergonomically favourable positions, thus facilitating non-fatigue and long-lasting observation.

The DOCTERmultitop multi-coating satisfies the most stringent demands. All optical surfaces are thus equipped with an excellent transmission characteristic and offer the user an incomparable image brilliance.

Spectacle wearers are able to use the entire field of vision of the DOCTER8x58 thanks to the large exit pupil. People without spectacles use the binoculars with extended eyepieces. The "twist up" eyepieces can be set to individual binocular eye relieves, thus contributing further to perfection

Technical Data

Magnification: 8x
Objective aperture (mm): 58
Ø Exit pupil (mm): 7.25
Twilight performance: 21.5
Close focus range (m): 5
Field of view (m/1000 m): 115
Weight (g): 1500