aspherilux midi 125

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The compact spotlights by DOCTER are the first torches to redefine previous standards in light output and brightness thanks to their optical system.

  • High light output onto a well defined area
  • Even, shadowless illumination
  • White halogen light

The use of an elaborate light system, consisting of

  • an elliptical reflector
  • an aperture and
  • an aspheric lens

creates a brilliantly illuminated cone of light, the quality of which has so far not yet been reached by any other torch. In particular the use of the aspheric lens avoids the typical flaws caused by a spheric lens.

Technical Data

Light source/Light source: Halogen lamp 5.2 V
Dimensions (l x w x h) in cm: 100 x 67 x 25
Power supply: 4 Mignon batteries
Light intensity in 1 m: 125 Lux
Spot diameter in 1 m: 35 cm
Operating time: ca. 3 hours
Case: ABS shock resistant