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Whether you are on a family outing, mountain biking, boating, trecking or stalking.
The new DOCTER® ED binoculars allow you to immerse yourself in the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of nature and the countryside.

Powerful Optic — Functional Design

DOCTER® ED binoculars feature a new, functional design. An open hinge connects the two halves of the body.

The "through grip" makes it possible to comfortably hold the binoculars with one hand and focus them at the same time.

The high-quality ED optical system guarantees faithful rendering of the original colors. The use of special ED lenses significantly reduces color dispersion. ED stands for "Extra-low Dispersion Glass", which is used to manufacture special lenses that are indispensable for sharply defined correction of longitudinal chromatic aberration. Combined with the DOCTER®multitop broadband coating, this ensures a true–to–detail and high-contrast image.

The time-tested "twist up" eyepieces are comfortable for all users, whether they wear eyeglasses or not. The click-stop eyepieces can be adjusted to individual binocular-eye distances for even more user convenience. Thanks to the large exit pupil focal length, eyeglass wearers can see the entire field of view with no restrictions.

Technical Data

Ø Exit pupil (mm)5.34.2
Twilight performance18.320.5
Close focus range (m)2.52.5
Field of view (m/1000 m)115105
Weight (g)670680