DOCTER®classic 8x56 (Illuminated reticule)

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...for wild boar

DOCTER® has equipped its classic night-time telescope with a special reticule for hunting in the dark.

The "boar reticule" consists of a light spot and 2 vertical markers at the margin of the image field. This prevents any distracting bars from concealing important target details.

The light spot's brightness is particularly matched to the eyes' sensitivity at night and has a continuously variable intensity.

In addition, the DOCTER®classic 8x56 is available with reticule 4 with light spot or light cross.

Technical Data

Magnification: 8
Ø Exit pupil (mm): 7
Field of view (m/100 m): 5.0
Twilight performance: 21.2
Adjustment per click (cm/100 m): 1.0
Max. adjustment range (cm/100 m): 100
Ø Central tube (mm): 30